Central line placement simulator

In partnership with Orlando Health’s Emergency Medicine Simulation, DASH has developed an ultra-realistic simulator for training and evaluation of ultrasound-guided central line placement. The DASH simulator features a 3D printed, textured resealable skin that can be pierced with needles and dilators, multiple times, with minimal damage. Relevant tissue structures and features, including the common carotid and internal jugular vein, were created from DICOM data to ensure anatomical accuracy. Differences in material properties allows for the simulator’s vein to be more compressible than the artery, as observed clinically. The DASH central line simulator can be connected to a peristaltic pump to recreate a pulse. Internal features in the simulator dampen the peristaltic flow to recreate normal venous flow in the same loop. Additional sensors can be added to detect guidewires and other intravenous devices.


Contact us if you are interested in purchasing the latest iteration of our central line simulator.