Fluvio Lobo

Fluvio Lobo, CTO and Treasure of Dash

Fluvio Lobo is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of DASH. A biomedical engineer with expertise in biomechanics, tissue mechanics, and mechanical characterization and modeling of biological materials, Fluvio earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering mathematics and biomedical engineering along with a master’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota. 

Prior to starting DASH, Fluvio was the lead engineer at the University of Central Florida’s Prototype Development and 3D Print Laboratory (PD3D). During his tenure at UCF, Fluvio and the rest of the PD3D team established a portfolio of 7 issued patents. Fluvio’s goal is to leverage these patents to develop high-fidelity, patient-specific anatomical models, devices, and tools that can help physicians deliver better medical care with more efficiency.