Cardiac Conductive System


This model developed by DASH in association with the Orlando Health Cardiac Institute demonstrates the conductive system of a heart.


This model depicts the conduction system of the heart, including the major nerve bundles. This is a great way to demonstrate the way the conductive system is routed around the four chambers of the heart. To ensure the highest anatomical accuracy, this model was segmented from CT imagery. This is a great model for teaching anatomy and patient education.

This model is 3D printed on top of the line polyjet 3D printers. Because of this the model has an ultra clear exterior and vibrant coloration of the nerves and bundles. The model is split in half to allow closer observation of the anatomy from multiple angles, and held in place with magnets.

This model was designed alongside the electrocariology team at Orlando Health. If you have any need for custom 3D printed models please contact us. DASH is always open to new collaborations.