Central Line Placement Simulator, IDAPTS

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Introducing the Interchangeable Durable Anatomical Procedure Training Simulator (IDAPTS). Developed by DASH alongside the emergency medicine simulation team at Orlando Health, this tool provides hands-on training for central line placement.

DASH created this simulator using both the latest cutting-edge 3D-printing technology and traditional manufacturing best practices. This allowed us to create a modular simulation area with unmatched visual fidelity with a low-cost base that still preserves important surface landmarks. To that end, we developed this simulator with the following features:

  • High-fidelity, replaceable vessel block
  • Ultrasound imaging capability
  • Pulsatile flow in arteries, and continuous flow in veins
  • Resealable and reusable skin

This simulator comes with a base, the operation block with a self healing skin, and a pump system to create fluid flow inside the vessels.

You’ll find realistic fluid flow within the vessels to help guide ultrasound identification of the vessels, and the base was created from CT scans to ensure the highest possible accuracy and fidelity. 

This central line placement simulator system is currently undergoing trials at Orlando Health, but is available to preview by request. If you need a custom simulator, contact us. We are always excited about the possibility of future collaborations!

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Full Simulator, Vessel Block Refill, 5x Vessel Block Refill