IDAPTS: Central Line


This simulation system is for practicing accessing accessing the internal jugular to place a central line. The simulator was developed with the emergency medicine simulation team at Orlando Health. It was developed to improve upon existing technologies, provide an easier to use simulator that maintains a high quality of visual fidelity.

IDAPTS stands for Interchangeable Durable Anatomical Procedure Training Sumulator, and DASH has taken these guiding principles to heart. DASH created this simulator using both the latest cutting edge 3D printing technology and traditional manufacturing best practices. This allows us to create a modular simulation area with unmatched visual fidelity while creating a low cost base that stil preserves important surface landmarks. To that end, we developed this simulator with the following features:

  • High fidelity, replaceable vessel block
  • Ultrasoundable material
  • Pulsatile flow in arteries, and continuous flow in veins
  • Resealable/Reusable skin

This simulation systems is currently undergoing trials at Orlando Health, but is available to purchase as a sample of our work. If you have need for a custom simulator, contact us. We are always excited about the possibility of future collaborations.