Hand Anatomy Model



This model depicts the full anatomy of the hand. Inside of this model is all of the anatomy of the hand in full color, and printed in a compliant material to simulate the realistic feel of the anatomy. To ensure the highest anatomical accuracy, the internal tissue of this model was segmented from CT imagery. Additionally the surface of the model was created with a 3D scan. This is a great model for teaching anatomy and referencing hand anatomy.

This model is 3D printed on top of the line polyjet 3D printers. Because of this the model has an incredibly high quality visual and tactile realism. It comes in multiple versions with various levels of anatomy stripped away.

  • Full, The full anatomy of the hand, with a seam for removing the skin to view the inner anatomy.
  • Dissectable, The full anatomy with no seams to allow dissection of the model.
  • Fat-Muscle, The inner hand anatomy with no skin
  • Skele-Tendon, Just the Skeleton and tendons for demonstrating the function of the tendons.

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Full, Skeleton + Bone, Fat + Muscle, Dissectable