Left Atrial Appendage, “Swan”


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This 3D-printed model of a human heart with a swan-type left atrial appendage (LAA) is a highly accurate anatomical model representing the condition. 

Designed to be a first class teaching tool, the model is essential for medical students, medical professionals, and researchers to gain a full understanding of the complexities of the human heart and the LAA defect in a realistic, hands-on format. It is also ideal for doctors and surgeons to use in patient education and medical consultations, and it’s especially helpful in demonstrating the defect in patient education and decision-making. 

With its accuracy, durability, and long-lasting materials, this model is sure to be a valuable asset to any medical professional’s collection. DASH has created many left atrial appendage models; you can browse our collection here.


Left atrial appendages (LAA) are small sacs in the muscle wall of the left atrium. The pouch-like structure of LAAs allows blood to pool and form clots. With each heartbeat, blood clots can travel from the LAA into peripheral vasculature and cause a stroke. Healthcare providers may recommend a LAA closure procedure to patients at risk of developing blood clots.