Left Atrial Appendage, “Windsock”



This 3D-printed anatomical model of a heart with a windsock-type left atrial appendage (LAA) is a unique and highly accurate representation of the heart’s structure. DASH segmented this model from CT imagery to ensure the highest specificity and detail. In this model, each component is uniquely colored to represent the various features of the heart and its functions.

This model is very effective in helping medical professionals study and learn about the anatomy and physiology of the heart. It is also a useful tool for doctors and surgeons to use in patient education and medical consultations as well as medical students to use for educational purposes.

With its vivid color, exceptionally detailed structure, and long-lasting construction, this model is an ideal tool for students and professionals studying the heart. DASH has a large assortment of left atrial appendage models available to reference here


Left Atrial Appendages (LAA) are small sacs in the muscle wall of the left atrium. The pouch-like structure of LAAs allows blood to pool and form clots. With each heartbeat, blood clots can travel from the LAA into peripheral vasculature and cause a stroke. This model depicts the windsock-type left atrial appendage. Healthcare providers may recommend a LAA closure procedure to patients at risk of developing blood clots.

Additional information

Dimensions 13.4 × 15.1 × 11.8 cm