Right Coronary Fistula



This anatomical model of a heart with a fistula defect of the right coronary artery and a tortuous coronary artery is a fantastic educational tool for medical professionals and students. DASH segmented this model from CT imagery before 3D-printing, making it a highly accurate representation of a real human heart with a fistula and tortuous coronary artery.

The anatomical accuracy of this model makes it a great resource for medical professionals to use for patient education. It is also useful in demonstrating a case to colleagues or medical students. Additionally, this model is great for teaching anatomy and physiology in medical schools, since it offers a hands-on experience of what a heart with this defect looks like and how it functions.

DASH designed this model to be easy to handle so users can get a better understanding of the anatomy and pathologies of the heart in an interactive way. The model is life-sized and designed with colored labeling of the different components of the heart. This design makes it easy for you to identify the different parts of the heart and their function and study the tortuous coronary arteries and the coronary fistula.

DASH creates these models with durable materials that will withstand regular handling. It is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and use in various locations. If you’re looking for more unique cardiac models, you can find them here.


Additional information

Dimensions 14.5 × 12.3 × 14.0 cm