Spina Bifida Anatomical Models Set


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This comprehensive set of four spina bifida anatomical models is a must-have for medical professionals and students alike. With these models, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the condition and the various ways it affects the human body. Additionally, they make an excellent teaching tool for students or for patients.

DASH has carefully segmented each model from MRI imagery. In this set there are models of spina bifida occulta, meningocele, myelomeningocele, and myeloschisis. Comparing and contrasting the variations will help you accurately identify and learn about each condition, from the mildest to most severe form.

DASH has crafted realistic representations of the vertebrae, spinal nerves, and the brain affected by spina bifida. Additionally, we make these models with a durable 3D-printed material so they can withstand frequent handling. This makes them perfect for medical students who are looking for an interactive learning experience, or medical professionals looking for quality tools for patient education. DASH also has these models available individually here.

DASH originally designed the 3D-printed anatomical models of spina bifida to assist surgeons at Orlando Health with patient education and surgical planning. Now, these unique models are available to help physicians and students everywhere learn about this rare disorder and help educate patients about the condition when discussing potential treatment options. If you’re interested, you can read more about our work with Orlando Health in our case study here.

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