Spina Bifida Myeloschisis


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This 3D-printed anatomical model features a fetus with spina bifida myeloschisis. 

The model is a great way to visualize the development of the spine and neural tube in a developing fetus. It can be used to provide an in-depth look at the spina bifida myeloschisis condition, including spinal cord development, and malformed spine growth. The body of the fetus is transparent to provide easy visualization of the pathological anatomy and how it relates to the overall form of the body. 

We 3D-print these models with the highest standards for anatomical accuracy and detail. This model is very durable, making it perfect for use in medical classrooms, clinics, and doctor’s offices. It’s also lightweight, so it’s easy to move around and transport between classes or offices.

Originally, we designed our 3D-printed anatomical models of spina bifida to assist surgeons at Orlando Health with patient education and surgical planning. Now, these unique models are available to help physicians and students across the country learn about this rare disorder and help educate patients about the condition when discussing potential treatment options. You can read more about our work with Orlando Health in our case study here.

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