Central line placement simulator

In partnership with Orlando Health’s Emergency Medicine Simulation, DASH has developed an ultra-realistic simulator for training and evaluation of ultrasound-guided central line placement. The DASH simulator features a 3D printed, textured resealable skin that can be pierced with needles and dilators, multiple times, with minimal damage. Relevant tissue structures and features, including the common carotid […] […]

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Peripheral Venous Access Infusion Simulator (P-VAINS)

Self administration of clotting factor concentrates at home via peripheral venous access has become a standard of care in management of bleeding disorders . The benefits include increased medication compliance, decreased bleeding complications and overall reduction of health care costs. However venipuncture techniques and skills are hard to learn when practicing on yourself or your […] […]

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Cleft Palate and Lip Simulator

DASH is developing the most advanced cleft lip and palate repair simulators, in partnership with Orlando Health Pediatric Surgeons, the Global Smiles Foundation and Stratasys. The effort has been focused on creating an anatomically correct, high-fidelity, and cost-effective simulator that can be used for training medical professionals in the US and around the globe. Contact […] […]

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