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Simulators and task trainers

DASH develops custom ultra-realistic simulation platforms, manikins, skills trainers, and moulage. DASH simulators and task trainers are anatomically correct and feature surface and subsurface properties that approximate the physical behavior of their biological counterparts.

DASH leverages access to DICOM imaging databases and expertise in DICOM reconstruction and anatomical modeling to achieve anatomical correctness or accuracy.

DASH works with subject matter experts to ensure surfaces match the coloration and texture observed clinically.

Finally, DASH leverages its IP portfolio in composites to create simulators and task trainers that deliver the expected tactile response when dissecting, suturing, reflecting, among other hands-on skills.

Contact us if you have a need for a specialized simulator, task trainer, moulage or other clinical training aid.

Some examples of simulators and task trainers developed for partners and customers include;

The DASH process consists of iterative review back to the requirements, developing the critical components in proof of concept models, and designing an integrated system. Multiple prototype models are tested and refined before a final design is ready.

DASH has developed Venous Access Infusion Simulator systems including the Central Line (CL) VAINS and Peripheral VAINS systems.simulators and Task trainers




Central line placement simulator

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Peripheral Venous Access Infusion Simulator (P-VAINS)

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Cleft Palate and Lip Simulator

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