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Transforming the practice of medicine by enabling clinicians to visualize and experience human anatomy in three-dimensional form with unparalleled realism, accuracy, and clinical usability.

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Better tools to provide better care

We create dynamic 3D models with enhanced realism to mimic the characteristics of human tissue and function.

In addition, we work in partnership with surgical teams to design customized planning tools and devices. Our suite of products gives physicians better tools to take better care of their patients.

Marrying the art of digital simulation, the science of anatomy, and the practice of medicine, our technology equips physicians and healthcare providers-in-training with:

  •  Patient-specific surgical planning
  •  Patient and family education prior to surgery
  •  Patient-specific surgical planning guides
  •  Simulation and training for skills and procedures
  •  Design of customized medical devices
Our Process

Low-fidelity, low-cost prototype and fixture printing with fused deposition modeling

High-fidelity, ultrarealistic simulation of skin, bone and more with polyjet technology

Accessories to devices, like Craniosynostosis helmets, requiring nylon material properties


Combining a proprietary process with our team's unique and diverse perspective

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Case Studies

AI-driven Wound Healing Assessment

DASH is currently working with Predictive Healthcare to train their MyHealthPal™ AI-based wound monitoring technology. Life-like 3D printed wound samples represent the various stages of the healing process, while also including size and color variations that better match the patient population. DASH uses clinical images to create the wound models and advanced 3D modeling techniques to create shape and color...

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Case Studies

Dermoid Cyst

Dermoid cysts is an encapsulated tissue growth that appears under the skin of the patient, in an unexpected location. Dermoid cysts usually contain a greasy yellow material, but bone, hair, nerves, skin, sweat glands, and teeth can also be found within cysts. Dermoid cysts are removed through surgery. The most common type of cysts are periorbital dermoid cysts¹. In partnership...

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Case Studies

Left Atrial Appendage Closure

Left Atrial Appendages (LAA) are small sacs in the muscle wall of the left atrium. While the presence of an LAA does not affect the proper function of the heart, studies have shown that most left atrium clots are formed in the LAA. The pouch-like structure of LAAs allows blood to pool and form clots. With each heartbeat, blood clots...

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Case Studies

Ventricular Tachycardia on Tetralogy of Fallot

Ventricular tachycardia in congenital heart Ventricular tachycardia (VT) can be treated by ablating regions of the heart where electrical conduction is abnormal. In some instances, abnormal conduction can be the result of scar tissue associated with previous surgical procedures. An Orlando Health patient born with a ventricular septal defect (VSD), repaired within his first year of life, needed ablation to...

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Working with doctors and partners to save lives

Physicians bring us their most challenging problems. A patient needs a life-saving procedure: a complex tumor resection, an in-utero spina bifida repair, or a complex congenital heart defect repair. Standard two-dimensional imaging used for surgical planning may not provide all the information they need.

We create an exact 3D replica of their patient, accurate to 0.1 mm of what is inside the patient’s body. Clinicians can hold the model, look at it from all angles, and plan their surgical approach accordingly.

Better tools for surgical planning facilitates:

  • Superior surgery preparation
  • Effective coordination among healthcare providers
  • Less time in surgery
  • Reduced surgical errors
  • Lower costs
  • Improved communication with patient and family
  • Better patient outcomes

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Unique models that look and feel like real human tissue

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“DASH has allowed us to dream bigger, experiment with more confidence, and realize the potential of our own innovative ideas far quicker than we would have without their support. With their partnership, our innovation capacity will only continue to grow, and together we're making a significant impact on healthcare delivery."

Michael Schmidt, MBA

Managing Director — Strategic Innovations

Orlando Health