Shingles Moulage


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This 3D-printed topical shingles moulage is an incredibly life-like representation of shingles. The set includes two severities of shingles, giving you the option to portray progression of this skin condition.

The 3D-printing process creates an incredibly detailed design that perfectly replicates the look and feel of shingles. The base depicts a cluster of raised pinkish-red spots with a few, tiny blisters in the center, which are surrounded by a red ring. The advanced severity includes larger blisters filled with clear fluid and surrounded by a red patch of skin. Both varieties are highly visible and realistic, allowing students to easily identify and diagnose the condition. 

In addition, the moulage is durable, easy to use, and formulated with a skin-safe material that is comfortable to wear. The material is compatible with industry-standard adhesives for application on manikins or standardized patients. You can also request customizations in skin tone, texture, or severity. 

The topical shingles moulage is an essential tool for medical education programs and health care providers who want to accurately portray the symptoms of this condition. This model is also helpful in classrooms to simulate wound diagnosis and treatment. With its realistic design and variety in severity, this moulage will help students learn how to spot and diagnose shingles in patients quickly and accurately.

If you have additional custom needs, reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to assist in developing a moulage that meets your specific needs.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × .3 cm

Blood Fill Level 1, Blood Fill Level 2, Both


Set of 3, Set of 4, Set of 12