Shingles Moulage


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This moulage depicts a shingles infection. It is designed to replicate the appearance and texture of the pathology on real tissues. This model can be places on any part of anatomy as it focuses solely on the wound region. It also features a transparent base to blend into the anatomy of your manikin or standardized patient. The model is designed to be used for teaching wound identification, treatment and dressing. We have multiple stages of this disease available as well. These can be used to teach recognition of pathology progression and severity.

This model is 3D printed on top of the line polyjet 3D printers. Because of this, it features a soft compliant structure, and the highest quality of visual fidelity. Additionally, the model is designed with a profile allowing it to suction cup onto manikins or standardized patients, it can also be adhered using any industry standard adhesive.

Do you have custom needs? We have the ability to match the skin tone, size, and shape of any of our moulage samples to match your specific needs. If you would like more information about our custom moulage services, please contact us.

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