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The DASH Thorasim chest represents the next generation of modular skills trainers. This module features a realistic torso and neck, and 4 training modules including, tracheostomy care, needle decompression, injection port access, and chest tube insertion and care.


Tracheostomy Module

Includes a high fidelity 3D printed module with a slot to insert a tracheostomy tube, this will allow students to practice placement, removal, cleaning, and replacement of tracheostomy tubes.

Needle Decompression Module

Includes a self healing high fidelity 3D printed module that allows students to practice needle decompression. It  has high quality bones included for identifying the right location for needle access.

Injection Port Access Module

An ultrasoundable module with an embedded injection port to allow students to practice injection port access and care.

Chest Tube Module

A module attached to the side of the chest allowing for students to practice placing, and maintaining chest ports.

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Full Set, Needle Decompression Module, Chest Tube Module, Injection Port Access Module, Base Plate Only, Manikin Only, Trachea Module