Digital Anatomy Simulations for Healthcare (DASH) officially launched in November of 2020, but the key partnerships that would become the backbone of the company began much earlier. 

As graduate faculty at the University of Minnesota then the University of Central Florida, Jack Stubbs paid close attention as students cycled through his laboratory. Over a long and storied career in which he developed everything from space lasers for the US government to innovative surgical devices, Jack honed an eye for talent. He handpicked only the best and brightest students to work alongside him. 

Jack met Fluvio Lobo, a biomedical engineering student, at the University of Minnesota then hired him after graduation. Together they signed on to run the Prototype Development and 3D Print Lab at the University of Central Florida where they encountered another standout student: Tres Sims. The fourth member of the leadership team came when Jim Inziello applied for an open position as a printer technician. Quickly recognizing his talent as an accomplished digital artist, Jack asked Jim to join the team. 

Jack, Fluvio, Tres, and Jim each bring exceptional knowledge and skill in their respective specialties—physics and device development, biomechanical engineering, computer science, and digital artistry. Their individual talents became the four cornerstones of this innovative team. 

As they began to realize the synergy of their newfound partnership, the foursome created several groundbreaking products and procured a handful of new patents. They found, however, few places to implement their designs within the academic setting. 

In early 2020 as COVID-19 took hold of the country, the group

assisted Orlando Health’s Strategic Innovations team in designing 3D printed masks and face shields to supplement the hospital system’s supply. This marked the beginning of a fortuitous alliance. 

Having found a way to bring 3D visualization to healthcare in a way that profoundly impacts the lives of patients, the team ventured out on their own to form DASH. The partnership has evolved quickly and with overwhelming success. 

Deeply intertwined within the surgical teams, DASH has fundamentally changed how Orlando Health surgeons plan and perform procedures. From in-utero fetal spina bifida surgeries to pediatric craniomaxillofacial repair to pre-birth planning for fetal lymphangiomas, the DASH team equips physicians with superior tools and devices, allowing doctors to provide better care for their patients.

DASH continues to innovate and expand, now offering services to hospitals and providers all over the country. At the same time, the team is broadening their reach into a variety of complex surgical procedures, customized devices, and instructional simulators.

The passion, skill, and expertise of this small but mighty team propel DASH into the midst of the most complicated medical challenges. However, they aren’t deterred. They will rise to meet the challenge for each and every doctor and patient who needs them.