Jack Stubbs

Jack Stubbs, President and CEO of Dash

As President and CEO, Jack leads DASH with the enthusiasm and curiosity of a true innovator. When others say, “It can’t be done,” he says, “Let’s try it another way.” It’s this patient persistence in problem solving that has served him well throughout his diverse career. 

Starting out as a physicist in the 1980s, he developed instruments for Ronald Reagan’s space-based laser defense system, known as Star Wars. He has developed technology for the US Air Force, Army Special Forces, US Coast Guard, and the Naval Weapons Center. 

Transitioning to healthcare in the 1990s, he developed and integrated a variety of technologies to create an intelligent operating room system. As an entrepreneur with over 30 patents, Jack also developed innovative surgical products and licensed them for distribution. 

In 2012, Jack joined the University of Minnesota Medical School to lead the Human Tissue Characterization Lab and Database. As principal engineer, he worked with the Army Research Laboratories to develop simulation and training platforms for emergency medical personnel. In 2014, he joined the Biomedical Engineering School of the University of Minnesota as graduate faculty. 

Joining the University of Central Florida in 2015, Jack led the Prototype Development and 3D Print Laboratory in experimental design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, electronics, and prototyping to transform ideas into products. Collaborating with academic and military research entities and in partnership with industry and government agencies, Jack and his team procured four more patents to add to his list of achievements. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jack partnered with Orlando Health’s Strategic Innovations team to develop 3D printed personal protective equipment as hospitals struggled to meet overwhelming demand. The partnership flourished and Jack’s team at UCF began collaborating with surgeons at Orlando Health to develop anatomical models for surgical planning. 

In 2020, Jack ventured out to form DASH. In just a short time, the team has expanded to offer an ever-evolving portfolio of three-dimensional solutions that are changing the way physicians practice medicine. Involved daily in complex surgical decision-making, the team provides everything from patient-specific anatomical models to surgical cutting guides to simulation and training models for healthcare practitioners.

With a growing list of hospital and industry partners, Jack is continuing to find new and innovative ways to solve medical problems and ultimately make a difference in the lives of the patients he serves.