Case Studies

Pediatric Abscess Moulage

As part of a collaboration with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Project Firstline, Emory University’s Healthcare Human Factors Lab creates scenarios centered around infection prevention and control using high fidelity simulation. In one scenario, a nurse must culture an open abscess on a pediatric patient, but no commercially-available products accurately represented the pathology. The few abscess products available did not match the size expected in pediatric patients and were not available in colors that matched the manikin used in the simulation.

The Emory team partnered with DASH to develop a 3D printable abscess model that had a prescribed size and matched the manikin’s skin tone. The DASH team also modeled the wound to create a more realistic interaction when retrieving samples for culture. In less than a week, DASH shipped ten (10) models to the Emory team to begin their study.

If you or your team needs custom moulage for any ongoing or upcoming projects, please reach out to work with us.