Dissectable Hand Anatomical Model


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This incredibly realistic anatomical model of a hand is a must-have for medical professionals and students alike. DASH has developed it using CT imagery to make it incredibly detailed and life-like. Not only is the model anatomically accurate, but it is also dissectable.  

An excellent tool for learning anatomy, the model is used by both medical students and experienced professionals to understand the hand’s structure, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fatty tissue, nerves, and other important structures. You can dissect any component of this hand with relative ease, giving you a thorough and interactive learning experience.

Additionally, the model is rendered in real-life color, allowing for a highly realistic viewing and dissection experience from the most superior surface to the deepest tissues. Made up of strong, durable materials, this 3-D printed model stands up to repeated use and observation, making it ideal for use in classroom settings, training areas, or patient demonstrations.   

This anatomical model of a hand is an excellent tool for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the anatomy of the human hand. Its 3D-printed construction based on CT imagery makes it incredibly realistic, and the ability to dissect provides a unique and effective learning experience for both medical professionals and students alike.

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Dimensions 30.7 × 15.6 × 7.1 cm