Hand Tissue Anatomical Model


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This 3D–printed hand tissue anatomical model is a must-have for medical professionals or anyone with an interest in the human body. Created using CT imagery, this incredibly detailed model provides an accurate representation of the structure and function of the hand.

The model is made from a durable, realistic-looking material that depicts the unique characteristics of the human hand. It includes a full skeletal structure, along with all of the tendons, fat, and muscles that make up its complex anatomy. The details are astonishingly life-like—you can see the intricate ridges and bumps of the anatomical landmarks in each bone, tendon, and muscle. 

The model requires no assembly. It’s ready to display right out of the box to provide an excellent hands-on learning experience. With this replica, medical students can gain a better understanding of how the hand works and how different components interact with one another. If you are looking for a dissectable model, so that you can peel back the tissue and explore more, you can find ours here.

The hand tissue anatomical model is an invaluable tool for anyone with an interest in the human body. Its life-like design and easy assembly make it ideal for teaching, learning, or creating art. Get yours today and take your understanding of the human body to a whole new level.

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